How to Fall Into a Debt Spiral in 2024 in 10 Fun and Easy Steps!

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already in debt. And if you’re not congratulations! You’re probably about to be. Because let’s face it, debt is easy to come by and hard to get rid of. It’s so easy to to learn how to fall into a debt spiral that we’ve decided to give you a step-by-step guide on how to do it!

How people fall into a debt spiral – It’s Fun and its Easy!

1) First Step: Get a credit card

Or two. Or three. The more the merrier! Because credit cards are like money right? If you have them your money problems are over and you don’t need to worry about a budget, and you can consider them as extra income. So no need to consider the consequences on your personal finances, The interest rates, or any other negative consequence to your personal finance.

Being undisciplined with credit is an awesome way to fall into a debt spiral.

2) Step Two: Start Shopping!

Buy everything you want, and don’t worry about the price tag. After all, you can always put it on your credit card! See step 1. Also, while your shopping, think about picking up some in store cards while your at it! Remember, more credit equals more wealth… right?

While you’re at it get a loan from a bank or other financial institution.

One of the best ways to fall into debt is by getting a loan from a bank or other financial institution. This can be for anything – a car, a house, tuition, personal loan, whatever. Just make sure that you’re not able to pay it back and watch as the interest racks up and your debt spiral begins!
Best to start early. Avoid advice on getting your finances in line early in your 20s, as written in articles like this.

3) Don’t make your credit card payments on time.

The later you make them, the better! That way, you’ll rack up lots of late fees and interest charges. And as you know, the more late fees and interest charges, the faster your debt snowball roll downhill, the tighter that dept spiral spins and your debt avalanche starts to pick up speed. You get the idea.

4) Start getting cash advances!

I bet you thought you couldn’t get it even more debt. Well, you are wrong. Shame on you for giving in so early. Your debt spiral has not even begun to get wound up! Strapped for cash? Well, take out a cash advance at your local atm. Forget about the upfront fees, and all your debts up to this point, you need to borrow money for some shady cash-based transactions!

After all, what’s the point of having a credit card if you’re not going to use it to get cash when you need it?

How to fall into a debt spiral? Taking out cash advances is a lightning quick way to get cash and incur interest payments.

5) Take out a payday loan!

Your debt payments are starting to look huge, and your credit scores are starting to nose dive, but those are rookie numbers. You’ve got to pump those numbers up! How you say? How about taking a new loan, a payday loan. If you’re trying to be a real pro, how about a payday loan or two? If your trying to make the debt hall of fame, you better get conditioned to take one out every pay day! And sometimes in-between paydays. Heck, start to learn the names of everybody in your favorite payday place, because your going to be there a lot!

Think you can’t qualify for some reason, don’t be ridiculous, They’re easy to get and they don’t require a credit check! Plus, the interest rates are sky-high, so you’ll be sure to digging yourself even deeper into debt in no time flat!

6) Miss more credit card payments!

Hold on just one minute, are you organizing all your debts by either the interest payments, total monthly payments, the lowest balance, or the lower interest rate, to formulate a plan to improve your financial situation? When did you become such a quitter?!! Im disappointed in your lack of perseverance. To fix this, you need to miss a few more credit card payments. If the credit card companies, aren’t calling you every hour demanding that you make your payments, and threatening legal action, you are just not putting in the effort. Shame on you!

8) Put everything on your credit card

Now that things are really getting bad, start charging everything—groceries, utilities, rent—to your credit cards. After all, what’re a few more dollars of debt when you’re already so far in over your head? And remember, don’t pay on time!

9) Declare bankruptcy!

Congratulations, you’ve hit rock bottom! But don’t let that stop you. There’s still plenty of room for things to get worse…

10) Take out a debt consolidation loan!

…like taking out another loan to consolidate your debts. Sure, the interest rate is high and the terms are unfavorable, but what’s important is that you’re getting some relief from all those pesky debts…right?

You see, people think that you are quitting, that you have given up on your debt journey.

That you have found the light, and are gaining control, getting a grip on your monthly payments in an attempt to get out of the debt spirals that we all know and love.

But you know better, why be debt free when you can consolidate your multiple debts with one more high interest loan!

So there you have it! These are just a few easy steps that anyone can follow to ensure that they find themselves in a never-ending cycle of debt! We hope our advice was helpful and wish you the best of luck in spiraling further and further into debt oblivion!

The debt consolidate business is a lucrative one.  Taking out loans to pay off your debts is a great way to fall into a never ending debt spiral
Businessmen taking money

How do losers handle their debt

For the sake of completeness, I will share with you how losers handle their credit card debt. After all, you can learn something from everyone, including what not to do am I right?

Don’t get into debt in the first place

This is the first thing that debt losers do to keep their credit scores high, and their nights restful, free from all the worries that their credit card balance is out of wack.

They don’t even get into the game?

Michael Jordan once said that you miss every shot that you don’t take, if you go down this right you will miss your shot at getting into the debt spiral olympics!

Manage your debt responsibly

Come on now, why play with fire if you’re not going to get burned? If you’re going to make more than the minimum payment on your credit card monthly payment, or you’re going to avoid payday loans, unnecessary car loans, and personal loans, then your just not going to accumulate the level of debt that you will need to complete bankrupt yourself and end up completely financially destitute. Is that how you want to end up?

debt spirals tend to decrease, not increase wealth

Take disciplined action on debts you may have accumulated

Some people even go so far as to avoid debt consolidation, and they take a disciplined approach of reaching out to their creditors, getting payments reduced, and coming out with a solid debt plan that involves, measured, sound strategies, like the debt snowball method, of the debt avalanche method.

Now, why would you do that when your debt accumulation is starting to slow down? Don’t you want to keep accumulating more debt on top of what you already have? It’s almost as if you don’t know how a debt spiral occurs!


As tempting as it may be to live debt free, don’t be that guy or gal who uses their money wisely, and understands the power of debt, for both positive and negative consequences. Take the fun and easy way out and fall into a debt spiral, we hope you’re not thinking twice before following our advice!

It’s not as if we were only joking…

Personal finance, ah, who needs it right? The truth is that falling into debt is incredibly easy—maybe even too easy—so that means you have a lot of competition! So get to work, if you going to stand out you need to get started asap now that you know how to fall into a debt spiral

Keeping in mind that once you’re in over your head it can be very difficult to climb back out again. So if you are not going to be taking on more debt than you can handle you probably will not need to read our next blog post: “How To Climb Out Of A Debt Spiral In 10 (Not So) Easy Steps!”


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